Outstanding Property in Singapore

Outstanding Property in Singapore

Outstanding Property in Singapore

Sometimes it seems like some of the people in Singapore have lots of spare time and take their time building an amazing house! This of course isn’t quite true because those people worked extremely hard to get to where they are now. Regardless of this, their houses are there and are easily noticed! If you haven’t been to Singapore and seen some of these places then allow me to enlighten you!

The Sci-Fi House

houseI call this the sci-fi house because it looks like it was designed based on the old science fiction books and movies depicting what buildings would look like in our future. Well, it isn’t quite the year 2150 yet, but here we have a completed house that looks very futuristic and just a tad on the amazingly gorgeous side! I wouldn’t hesitate to get a look inside a place like this!

Seaside Mansion

houseThis house was designed by someone with amazing taste! Not only is the appearance and structuring of the house absolutely amazing, it’s also built right next to the sea! A balcony protrudes from the far side of the house allowing you to literally stand above the sea and just chill there. Amazing! I would do almost anything for a house such as this one!

The House of Nature

houseThis house looks quite simplistic compared to the others but its rustic charm and expensive material allows for it to look incredible all on its own. It isn’t all on its own though; an incredible garden was grown all the way around this house, making it appear like one of those cabins in the woods, only ten times larger and much more comfortable on the inside! You can either chill inside the house with the most epic view in the world, or you can go out into the nature and just enjoy what this world has to offer; and it’s all thanks to imaginative Singaporeans!

Spy House?

houseNo, don’t get me wrong! The people living here are not spies at all! The reason I referred to it as a spy house is because the only window in the whole house, which happens to be as high as the house itself I might add, is made of reflective glass keeping prying eyes at bay, whilst still allowing you to observe whatever and whoever happens to walk by. The house itself looks quite simple from the outside, yet still has its own unique charm. Definitely one of the coolest houses in Singapore if nothing else!

Secret Pool House!

houseThis house looks absolutely stunning! It’s huge and pretty at the same time, with a unique but flavourful taste in grassland rooving! There is a reason for placing grass on the roof however. You see that big rectangular strip of grass on the lower roof? That part covers the pool! The house has a mechanism that allows the ground to literally lift up and form that second section. If you want some sunshine while you swim, just raise the roof! If it’s a cold night and you want some heat, close that roof and heat up your secret underground pool!

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