A Commentary on the Singapore Oxley Road House Dispute

A Commentary on the Singapore Oxley Road House Dispute

The Oxley Road house dispute began with a public feud between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his siblings, Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang. It seemed to Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance Indranee Rajah that the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew did not necessarily mean for the house to be destroyed. There were two clauses in his will; the first displayed his wish to have the house destroyed, however the second clause seemed to indicate the possibility of leaving the house intact if the law prohibited his children from demolishing it. Read on to learn of the main points that Indranee Rajah put across!

What does the 7th Will Actually Say?

According to Indranee Rajah, the 7th paragraph of the will does clearly state that it was Mr. Lee’s will and the will of his late wife, Mrs. Kwa Geok Choo, that the house be demolished. However, the interesting part is in the second clause of this paragraph where Mr. Lee mentions the possibility that his sons are unable to demolish the house due to any changes in the law. He then proceeds to give his will for that possibility. His will in this case is that the house remain closed off to the public and that only his descendants  may enter for as long as the house stands. It seems logical that Mr. Lee would only place this in his will if he anticipated the possibility that the house would not be lawfully able to be demolished.

Why is the Government even Involved?

Oxley RoadThe matter of who owns the house is private, however what happens to the house does have to do with the government; this is due to the fact that many historical events occurred in this house. The founding fathers of Singapore came together inside Oxley Road House, not to mention the decisions that lead up to internal self-government were made there as well. Because of these things and a number of others, the proposed demolition of the house has become a public matter and as such a government matter.

What is the Prime Minister’s Position?

The prime minister has removed himself from the decision making process and left it up to the rest of the Cabinet to decide. His reasoning for this is because his personal preference is to see his parent’s wishes carried out. However, as the Prime Minister, his desire to fulfill the will of his parents may clash with what is good for the country, hence why he has chosen to do nothing.

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Is it Possible to Demolish the House now Anyway?

It is not possible due to the fact the Dr. Lee Wei Ling is still living in the house. It is stated in Mr. Lee’s 7th Will that the demolition was only to begin when his daughter was no longer living there. As far as can be seen Dr. Lee is not planning to go anywhere anytime soon. It seems, therefore, that only time will tell what decision is going to be made in the distant future!

Outstanding Property in Singapore

Outstanding Property in Singapore

Sometimes it seems like some of the people in Singapore have lots of spare time and take their time building an amazing house! This of course isn’t quite true because those people worked extremely hard to get to where they are now. Regardless of this, their houses are there and are easily noticed! If you haven’t been to Singapore and seen some of these places then allow me to enlighten you!

The Sci-Fi House

houseI call this the sci-fi house because it looks like it was designed based on the old science fiction books and movies depicting what buildings would look like in our future. Well, it isn’t quite the year 2150 yet, but here we have a completed house that looks very futuristic and just a tad on the amazingly gorgeous side! I wouldn’t hesitate to get a look inside a place like this!

Seaside Mansion

houseThis house was designed by someone with amazing taste! Not only is the appearance and structuring of the house absolutely amazing, it’s also built right next to the sea! A balcony protrudes from the far side of the house allowing you to literally stand above the sea and just chill there. Amazing! I would do almost anything for a house such as this one!

The House of Nature

houseThis house looks quite simplistic compared to the others but its rustic charm and expensive material allows for it to look incredible all on its own. It isn’t all on its own though; an incredible garden was grown all the way around this house, making it appear like one of those cabins in the woods, only ten times larger and much more comfortable on the inside! You can either chill inside the house with the most epic view in the world, or you can go out into the nature and just enjoy what this world has to offer; and it’s all thanks to imaginative Singaporeans!

Spy House?

houseNo, don’t get me wrong! The people living here are not spies at all! The reason I referred to it as a spy house is because the only window in the whole house, which happens to be as high as the house itself I might add, is made of reflective glass keeping prying eyes at bay, whilst still allowing you to observe whatever and whoever happens to walk by. The house itself looks quite simple from the outside, yet still has its own unique charm. Definitely one of the coolest houses in Singapore if nothing else!

Secret Pool House!

houseThis house looks absolutely stunning! It’s huge and pretty at the same time, with a unique but flavourful taste in grassland rooving! There is a reason for placing grass on the roof however. You see that big rectangular strip of grass on the lower roof? That part covers the pool! The house has a mechanism that allows the ground to literally lift up and form that second section. If you want some sunshine while you swim, just raise the roof! If it’s a cold night and you want some heat, close that roof and heat up your secret underground pool!

Adventure of a Real Estate Agent in Singapore

Adventure of a Real Estate Agent in Singapore

Being a real estate agent in Singapore is an exciting task! So many people are trying to get in here to do exactly that; unfortunately most of them are doing so for the wrong reasons! You see, working as a real estate agent is not all fun and games and making money like some would love to believe! You do have to actually work insanely hard or else you’ll be in a spot of trouble. Let me explain to you what I mean.

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People Think this is the Easiest Way to Become a Millionaire!

Oh, yes, come to Singapore and you will make millions off of a single job! Don’t be ridiculous! You see, this thought came about when one particular real estate agent, who was just 27 years old I might add, made about $1.5 million off of a single sale! She sold an old mansion for someone at the price of $51 million! Extraordinary! So why did she make $1.5 million? That’s because real estate agents don’t get a monthly wage. We receive a commission from each and every sale we help get through. Because of this commission, you must do an excellent job! If you don’t really care and just glide through, the house you are assigned to will be sold cheap and your commission will be pitiful! So, yes, you can make a decent living out of this job; however, just like any other job, you only make said living through diligence and hard work!

You Need to Realize Exactly How Much You’re Expected to do

real estate agentA real estate agent doesn’t just sift through paperwork and hand it over! We have to dive into the fray of competition and come out on top! What I mean by this is while you’re out there trying to secure a buyer for the property you’re attempting to get sold; hundreds of other real estate agents are doing exactly the same thing! You need to dive into your research, keep track of the marketing methods of your competitors and try to outdo them! Whilst your client and the person you are trying to make the deal with may think that all your doing is just giving them the necessary details and giving them options, what you’re really doing is trying to give them an option that seems so delightful to them that they won’t even bother listening to any other agent! In some ways you’re like a spy keeping an eye on the other agents and trying to out manoeuvre them; I guess that’s what makes the job so thrilling!

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You Must Know You Buyer

When I say ‘know your buyer’, I don’t mean you have to be long lost friends or anything. What that means is that you need to figure out what kind of person they are and take advantage of that. If you are able to discover more or less what they are looking for in the property and what they are not looking for, then you can guide your client to make sure that the buyer finds exactly what they want. Just remember; the happier the buyer, the more they pay, and the bigger your commission! A happy buyer makes a happy agent!